IT Asset Management

Control and optimization of your IT assets is essential in enabling IT Value for organization.

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IT Service Management

Orient your organization to deliver IT Value through providing the services that are valuable to the business

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IT Financial Management

Understand, report, and communicate the costs of delivering IT Value to the business

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IT Strategy

The art of determining the best approach to achieve your IT Value and objectives

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Delivers IT Value

We believe in delivering value to our clients
Our clients believe in delivering value to their end-users
Let's connect and see how we can help you achieve more IT Value

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  • People

    With The Right Knowledge

    IT organizations need to ensure that they have the right mix of operational, tactical, and strategic knowledge to drive IT value. At Beaconize, all our projects have experts to ensure fast, efficient, and proactive delivery of Value to our clients.

  • Process

    With The Right Approach

    Process is daunting and sometimes ambiguous when incorrectly approached. Our team has the expertise and practical knowledge to help your organization setup and implement the right process to help you achieve your goals.

  • Technology

    With The Right Capabilities

    Technology is a fun and exciting; however, its only a part of the solution. At Beaconize, we pride ourselves at being able to advise and guide our client to ensuring the technology they do implement met the capabilities they require to deliver IT Value.

What the Industry is saying

  • "Infrastructure based approaches to ITSM will no longer be efficient or effective"

    Robert Stroud, Forrester
  • "#SAM & #Security need to work together to identify any risks, especially with the recent data breaches well known orgs have had."

    David Foxen, SAM geek
  • "ITAM is not one-size-fits-all. Your mileage will vary based on dedicated resources and complexity."

    Patricia Adams, Former Gartner Analyst
  • "By 2017, 20% of organizations will have implemented an SLOE tool up from >5% in 2014."