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A Better Approach to Delivering Value

Beaconize is an innovation studio and professional service firm in Ottawa, Canada. We work with selective clients on challenging projects that deliver real value to IT.  We believe that delivering value in IT doesn’t need to be complicated; however, it can be challenging.  Too often, teams implement an awesome tool envisioned to solve a problem; however, a tool is rarely the solution.  Instead, Beaconize focuses on delivering end-to-end solutions rather than just a technology or products; this means your organization gets tangible and authentic benefits.

We leverage people, process, and technology to create sustainable value for your organization. We are NOT a system integrator or recruiting shop but rather a boutique firm focused on specific areas that deliver value.  We do occasionally act as “cat herder” for organizations seeking additional oversight and accountability from their System Integrator, Contractors, or employees, so feel free inquire.

Lastly, we are all results driven and highly skilled professionals. If we don’t believe that using our team is the right direction for your organization we will let you know. We pride ourselves in having happy and satisfied clients.

IT Asset Management

ITAM is a set of business practices which join financial, contractual and inventory information to support lifecycle management and allows strategic decision making within the IT environment.

If your organization is looking to increase control, reduce IT costs, or limit risks IT Asset Management may be a wise investment for your organization.  We offer varying engagements in ITAM; however, if you’ve got a particular topic you’d like to discuss feel free to contact us.

IT Service Management

ITSM is a set of business practices that allow IT to deliver tangible and consumable services the business needs and wants.  There are many standards out there in this area: ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000, MOF, etc. and we’ve dealt with them all. Our understanding and experience in these different standards allows us to setup your organization for service management success.

If your organization is looking to more clearly deliver IT services to your end-user community then this is one of the areas you should consider. We offer varying engagements in ITSM; however, if you’ve got a particular topic you’d like to discuss feel free to contact us.



IT Financial Management

ITFM looks to accurately and cost effectively report on the stewardship of the IT assets (ITAM) and how they are being delivered (ITSM).  This practice enables organizations to provide information back to their customers on what the services they are consuming and the costs of each.

If your organization is considering assessing service costs, whether to chargeback or showback, or how to proactively address budgetary constraints, then this is the service for you. We offer varying engagements in ITFM; however, if you’ve got a particular topic you’d like to discuss feel free to contact us.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing handles the sourcing elements (procurement, acquisition, outsourcing, and contracts) holistically but is specialized for IT. It enables a strategic and systematic approach to optimizing your IT supply chain and improving the cost of IT.

If your IT organization is under budgetary constraints or you wish to provide improved value for money, this is a practice you should consider.  We offer varying engagements in IT Sourcing Management; however, if you’ve got a particular topic you’d like to discuss feel free to contact us.

IT Strategy

We start engagements by understanding your organization’s unique goals and objectives to create IT value. We then synthesize approaches to increase the IT Value for your specific organization.



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