2 February 2017

Software Audits: Support Options

In this blog post we’ll show you a common approach to dealing with Software Audits. Scenario Imagine for a moment you’ve received an audit letter from the big bad software publisher, called Delphi. Delphi has a reputation that it’s aggressive in audits and routinely targets its customers on common 3-year cycle. The publisher changes their product names, their […]

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26 May 2016

Acquisition in IT: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Information technology is an unusual beast when it comes to procurement and acquisition of material. This can create challenges within your organization that aren’t always easy to spot, but that can be detrimental to the bottom line. IT teams typically develop the tools that people use to request an IT purchase. Then, once the equipment […]

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19 May 2016

VMWare + Oracle = Misinformation

There have been recent discussions on LinkedIn forums and the like purporting the idea that the new version of vCenter increases the risk/liability of your Oracle licenses. In this post I will explain how VMWare works architecturally, how the Oracle Grant is currently written, and why, despite recent claims to the contrary, you have a […]

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17 March 2016

Cloud Computing Concerns: IT Asset Management When You Don’t Own the Infrastructure

Over the past few years, we’ve had many clients implement strategies to migrate their business applications to the cloud, and we understand why. Cloud offerings have a clear, crisp, and well-articulated value proposition — all the benefits of innovative technology solutions, and none of the risks associated with owning the physical infrastructure. No doubt, this […]

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10 March 2016

Metrics: What You Measure, You Optimize

Most organizations, especially in IT, are good at establishing metrics and key performance indicators to report on their performance. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t fully appreciate how detrimental it can be to select the wrong metrics. How not to measure customer service At the beginning of my career, I worked in a call centre. In the […]

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3 March 2016

The One Ingredient Your SAM Program Can’t Live Without

It takes a concerted effort to implement a successful Software Asset Management (SAM) program, but there is one ingredient that is so critical to success that I wouldn’t want to see anyone launch a SAM initiative without it. It’s true that a well-designed SAM program needs good data and carefully selected indicators. But the one […]

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25 February 2016

Hiring the Best Employees: They’re Not Who You Think They Are

Hiring new staff is challenging in most businesses. Finding good employees is difficult, especially if you’re looking for someone with a specific specialty to fill a skill set that your company needs. To find a good match, you typically look at a candidate’s education and experience — which university or college they graduated from, what […]

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18 February 2016

Why Structure Matters

Developing a strategy—whether your goal is to control IT costs, improve IT services, or generate greater IT value—is only the first part of what your organization needs to consider in order to achieve its long-term goals. To be successful, you also need to have the right support and structure in-place to implement the strategy. Structure […]

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11 February 2016

Killer IT Transformation Strategy

Tackling an IT Transformation is a difficult, grueling, and tiresome endeavor for IT professionals and end-users alike due to the paradigm shift both parties must inevitably come to terms with. If you are embarking on transformation in IT, then I would strongly suggest that you consider the following framework and logical approach. Define IT Transformation […]

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1 February 2016

IT Policy — Building the Foundation to Deliver IT Value

Delivering IT Value is a tough task. Delivering IT Value when there are no rules to follow in an organization is tougher. Delivering IT Value when there are rules to follow but they’re not written down or well understood? That is a failure waiting to happen. IT departments are notorious for having differing standards of […]

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