19 May 2016

VMWare + Oracle = Misinformation

There have been recent discussions on LinkedIn forums and the like purporting the idea that the new version of vCenter increases the risk/liability of your Oracle licenses. In this post I will explain how VMWare works architecturally, how the Oracle Grant is currently written, and why, despite recent claims to the contrary, you have a […]

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3 March 2016

The One Ingredient Your SAM Program Can’t Live Without

It takes a concerted effort to implement a successful Software Asset Management (SAM) program, but there is one ingredient that is so critical to success that I wouldn’t want to see anyone launch a SAM initiative without it. It’s true that a well-designed SAM program needs good data and carefully selected indicators. But the one […]

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22 January 2016

Motivation Matters — What’s Driving Your SAM Program?

Companies decide to develop software asset management (SAM) programs for different reasons. The specific reasons for introducing a SAM program in your organization can have a profound impact on how you design it. Before you get started, it’s worth taking stock of your key drivers so that you can design a program that will successfully […]

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15 January 2016

Building a SAM Practice: Why It Matters

Software asset management, or SAM, is a systematic approach to helping organizations gain control of their software estate. It’s the confluence of many disciplines inside and outside of IT, and can generate benefits for companies beyond its technical operations. SAM programs can generate significant savings, reduce risk postures, and create consistency for organizations. Although it’s an […]

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